Black & Brass: Burlap Runner

I just realized that when I shared about my bottle candle holders I forgot to mention the little table runner that they sit on.

burlap runner 2

Once I finished with the bottles and put them on the table I noticed that something was missing. Then I remembered I had some left over burlap from the project at the church. Just enough in fact, to make a little runner. I sewed two pieces together and added some black pom pom trim on each end. I didn’t hem the long edges, I just left them raw (which is why it is a bit crooked but I like it that way, it’s organic!).

burlap runner 1

This whole project took me about 10 minutes and since, once again, I used materials I had on hand, it cost me nothing. Plus, it’s not just Christmas related, so I can use it all year long!