Black & Brass: Yarn Tree

Here is another little project that I did this year that is not black or brass :) Remember this little tree from last year that I made? This year it got a little facelift.

yarn tree 1

I took off the extra little branches to make it easier and then took a ball of yarn and started wrapping the branches. I actually like it this way better than the first way I made it. The yarn that I used is especially fun because it varies in thickness and color so as I was wrapping it made some cool changes. Here is a picture of it up close:

yarn tree 2

Right now this little guy is sitting in our guest room to spread a little holiday cheer to those who stay with us. We have already had members of my family here and now this week we will have Jason’s parents come stay with us. I’m so looking forward to it!

I will be doing my last Christmas related post on December 24 so there are only 2 more posts coming and then we will be back to normal!