Black & Brass: Stockings

When I was growing up, each of us kids had a stocking that my Mom made for us. They were each cross stitched by hand and they were amazing. I also know that they took a long time for my Mom to make each one. It was always so much fun to open up the Christmas boxes and see all of the familiar things inside including our stockings. With that in mind, I’m not really sure why I make new ones every year. I guess because the best part for me is actually creating something. Which brings me to how I made the stockings for our house this year. But no matter what stockings I come up with, they will never be as great as my childhood stocking :)

You remember the picture from yesterday:
stockings 1

Here is how I made them…

First draw a stocking shape on a piece of paper and cut it out. Remember to make it a little bigger than you want the finished product to be. You could also trace around an already existing stocking if you want. Also, cut out a rectangular piece of paper that is a little wider than the top of the stocking. Put your fabric right sides together and, using your new pattern, cut out two of each (stocking + rectangle). Now you are ready to sew!

Take one of your rectangles and one of your stocking pieces and put both the right sides down like this:

make stocking 1

Pin the top and sew the tops together. Do the same thing with the other two pieces (stocking + rectangle). Now open the seam you just sewed and iron it open for both. You should now have the rectangle right side up and the stocking piece right side down like this:

make stocking 2

Pin the two stocking pieces together and sew just around the stocking parts, not the rectangle parts. The right sides of the stocking pieces should be facing each other. Now, flip it back to outside right and iron it. Pin together the rectangle pieces and sew them together on the sides only, not the top!!

make stocking 3

For my stockings I added a little bit of pom pom trim. If you want to add some now is the time to do it. The rectangle pieces should still be inside out. Fold down the top about 5/8” to make a little seam and add the pom pom trim and sew around it to create a nice fold and attaching the trim at the same time.

make stocking 4

Next, turn down the rectangle pieces and they create a cuff. You can also add a little loop in the side to hang the stocking if you want. Here is the finished product:

stocking 1
stocking 2
stocking 3

Each of my stockings are different from the front but they are all the same from the back so if I want them to match I can just turn them around (they will look like the 3rd stocking). Because I only used materials I already had on hand, this project cost me $0. Not bad!!

I know I’m not the best at writing tutorials (which is why I don’t do it very often!), so if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will try and answer in the comment section.

And the countdown continues! Only 3 more days until Christmas!!