Black & Brass: Glass Ornaments

Wow, so sorry this is so late in posting! I sort of went on an unexpected shopping trip with my Mom today to Atlanta and forgot to post a blog! But better late than never, right?

I have another church project to share with you today (tonight) and I hope you like it. I got the inspiration for it from all over the place and just combined all of the ideas into one. Here is a picture of it:

glass ornaments 2

Using clear glass ornaments, I put some gold craft paint in them and swished it around a bit. Then, we hung them from the ceiling using twine. I used 24 ornaments for this group and once I hung it up, I actually wished I would have used more. Here it is from afar:

glass ornaments 1

You can also see that I tacked up a couple of the paper banners that I talked about yesterday. And here are the glass ornaments up close:

glass ornaments 3

If you want to try this project, after you put paint in the ornaments, be sure to place them in a cool dry place or it will take forever for them to dry. Ours weren’t actually dry yet when we hung them and I had nightmares of them falling and spraying gold paint everywhere :) But thankfully, that didn’t happen!

To save yourself the trouble, they would be equally as cool just to leave them plain clear glass. Or use a variety of ornaments, or just different colors. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes!