Black & Brass: Paper Banners

Just like I said yesterday, I love using words for decor. Sometimes I wonder if I will always love it or if it’s just because it’s in style right now. Probably the latter :) Today’s project involves more words. It all started when I got my holiday Pottery Barn catalog. When I saw this picture of their tree, it had me at hello:

pottery barn tree

My eye was drawn to the paper word banners and I had to make some for myself. Since the tree at my house is tiny, I decided to make some for the church’s tree instead.

paper banners 1

If you want to make some for yourself, it’s inexpensive and easy. First, I cut some kraft paper (I bought a roll of it from the shipping supplies section at Walmart) into long strips. You can make them however long you want and however wide you want. I wish I would have made mine just a tad narrower because they get scrunched on the higher branches. Then, I taped the paper to the wall and used my overhead projector (I seemed to use it a lot this year!) to trace the letters onto the paper. Make sure to use a pen or marker that doesn’t bleed through onto the wall. Take the paper down from the wall and color in the letters. Then just snip the ends of the paper like a ribbon and you are done!

Here is the tree from afar:
tree church

And just like my little tree at home, I hung a star from the ceiling instead of placing one on top:
tree star

How’s that for a simple Christmas tree? Simple trees are sometimes my favorite :) What about you? Do you prefer a Charlie Brown tree or a tree all decked out?