Black & Brass: Glass Merry

As you may have been able to tell, I love to use words at Christmastime (see here, here, here, and here). Well, I have another word project to share with you today (and more to follow in the days to come!)

Here is a picture of the shelves in my dining room all decked out for Christmas:

shelves 2
shelves 1

You can see the paper flowers, teacup, belted candles and also this little guy:

pinecone display

The mini pinecones are from last year and this time I just scattered them around and used them as vase filler along with some ornaments.

You also might have noticed this:

glass merry 1
glass merry 2

To make these, I used glass from all of these picture frames that I emptied out. Then, I used gold paint and kind of let it run on the glass. I wanted it to be smooth from the front side so I used a bunch of paint to let it swirl around instead of having brush marks. Then I let it dry really good. After it was dry, using my exacto knife, I cut some of the drips off making it into a rectangle shape.

glass merry 3

I wanted the rectangle shape to be a bit organic so I didn’t cut it to an exact rectangle.

Next, I used a ball point pen and drew a letter onto the paint backwards. Again, I wanted the letters to look handwritten so I drew them freehand. Remember to draw them backwards or they will turn out backwards from the other side! The great thing is, the pen marks don’t show up from the other side so feel free to freehand it!

glass merry 4

Once you have your letter traced, cut it out with the exacto knife. Then carefully peel the paint away. Be sure not to peel away the center of letters like o or e. Turn them around and you are done!! I think this would look really cool with a large piece of glass and do a whole quote. I just might have to try it :)