Black & Brass: Sprainting and Paper Flowers

I just can’t get enough… of sprainting. Once I start, I just want to paint everything in sight. You didn’t think I would stop after a few bottles and a small village did you?!

I also sprainted a cup:
spray painted cup

Currently I have it on a shelf in my dining room but I’m not sure if it will stay there or end up somewhere else. I like it so much, I might have to spraint more of them. And I don’t even feel guilty since they were just a cheap goodwill find. I just have to decide if I can think of where to use them and what to use them for :)

I also had this cool bottle from another tasty drink:
paper flowers

I found the instructions to make these paper flowers from Country Living. To make them, cut several squares of paper (I used an old sewing pattern found at a thrift store). Fold them accordion style. Shape the ends with scissors. Tie a wire around the middle. Fan out the layers and you have a flower! Super simple and I think they look cute :)

Am I the only one that spray paints anything and everything to prepare for holiday decorating? If you don’t, you should try it. But I will warn you, it becomes addicting :)