Black & Brass: Bottles

I have recently created a new term around here. Since I spray paint all the time, I have started calling it sprainting. And sprainting is exactly what I did to create this next project.

I love all of these painted glass bottles being used as vases or candle holders (see here and here) and I wanted to create some as a center piece for my table. I started buying sparkling cider and sodas in glass containers just so I could have the bottles. Then, I sprainted them :)

bottles 1

bottles 2

I chose different metallic colors: nickel, gold, champagne, and also black and gray. It was a simple and quick project, just make sure your bottles are clean. After the holidays I would really like to spraint some white and a few more gray, maybe even in varying shades. It was also basically a no cost project since I was recycling the bottles and all of the spray paint was left over from other stuff.

Do you like them? Simple and yet oh so beautiful :)