Black & Brass: Star Garland

Yesterday I revealed my candy bar display and on the chalkboard, there are a couple of garlands. Both of these are really easy to make and as promised, here are the instructions.

star garland

For the first one, the star garland, I simply cut stars out from book pages. I hand cut each one because I wanted them to look a little wonky. If you want them to be more symmetrical in shape, you can use a stencil and trace them. Cut out a whole bunch :) Next I ran them through my sewing machine and just sewed them together leaving a bit of space in between each one. You can use any type of paper or fabric (felt would be cute) and a different color of thread for some variation. Put your creative brain powers to use!

For the other garland, the circles, I dug out some circular stickers from my scrapbooking stash that I wasn’t going to use. Then, I simply colored them with a paint marker in either gold or black. You could also use white circular stickers or price stickers that you find at an office supply store but I wanted a variety of sizes and I like to use what I have on hand if possible. Next, take a long piece of string and stick two circles together on either side of the string. Keep doing this until you have a garland that is the length you want.

Both of these garlands are super simple to make and I think they would look cute adorning a present too. Just wrap them around and you have awesome gift wrap :)