Black & Brass: Candy Bar

Since I knew all of my family was coming for a visit, I thought it would be fun to have a candy bar displayed on my buffet. No, I don’t mean a single candy bar like a Snickers, I mean a bunch of glass jars with candy in them :)

Christmas Candy Bar 3

I grabbed my chalkboard from my craft room and put it on the buffet. Then I drew a few snowflakes on it and rubbed them a bit to make them look frosty and soft. Then I drew the words.

Christmas Candy Bar 1

Next I spread some jars around and filled them with candy. I chose Christmas colored candy just to make it all look good together. Then I spread a light fabric around the jars and added my little gold village.

Christmas Candy Bar 2

The candy was a big hit, it didn’t take long at all for all of that candy to disappear :) But it was tasty!

Tomorrow, I will show you how I made the two garlands that adorn the chalkboard. Now I’d better go get some more candy!