Black & Brass: Burlap Banners

Today we are going to visit the church again for another peek at the decor there. The front of our main meeting room is really sparse and I knew I wanted something large to fill up some space. Last year, I made a large wreath for the front and I wanted to use it again and just add more to it. This is what I came up with:

burlap sign

I bought 9 yards of burlap from Walmart and cut them into 3 sections, 3 yards each. Then, I sewed a pocket for a wooden dowel to go through on the top and the bottom. Then we hung it from the top of the wall. Once it was hung, I used our overhead projector and traced the words onto the burlap using a paint pen. Then, I filled in the letters using black paint. If you want to try this project at home, be sure to put something behind the burlap while you paint or it will bleed through onto your wall. I used painters plastic and it worked great! The whole project only cost $40. Not bad for covering such a large space!!

I think a smaller version would be really cute at home too. You could make it kind of like a subway sign but with Christmas words or verses if you wanted. It would also translate well as a fall art piece with a Thanksgiving quote or something. Any other ideas for painted burlap? I’m open to suggestions :)