Black & Brass: Feather Wreath

Okay… so these little wreaths I’m about to show you aren’t black or brass :) I was just using materials I had on hand but they would be really cute in black too. Yesterday I showed you my window with my paper word garland. In the last picture, you can see three little wreaths hanging in the windows. That is what I’m about to show you today.

I have been loving all of these feather wreaths that are out this year (see here, and here) and I really wanted one but they didn’t fit into my strict budget. And then I remembered that I actually had some feather boas at home that I normally adorn my tree with. I quickly dug them out and put them to work. Score!!

feather wreath 4

This project is super simple. First, find a piece of cardboard and trace something circular in two sizes to make a wreath shape. I used two lids from my pots and pans that fit nicely inside each other and just traced around them.

feather wreath 1

Then, using a utility knife, cut the wreaths out. I was making three wreaths so I actually cut out three.

feather wreath 2

For the next step, you will need two feather boas. At least, for the size that mine are, I needed two. The boas that I had weren’t the really fluffy ones but the smaller size so if you had the large fluffy boas (which would be super cool) you might not need more than one. Anyway, simply tape the string end of the boa to the cardboard and wrap it around the wreath. Then tape the other end down. Once you get to the end, where the two boas meet, try and tuck the string in and tape it down so it doesn’t show.

feather wreath 3

The great thing about these wreaths is they look good from both sides so they are perfect to hang in the window.

feather wreath 5

Super simple right? I just threaded a ribbon through the center and hung it from the top of the window. I would love to make some with a larger boa and if any of you try it you must send me a picture so I can see it!!

Have a great weekend, I’ll be back on Monday!