Black & Brass: Paper Garland

Ever since I made my first word garland I have been dying to make another. With Christmas just around the corner, this was my opportunity!

paper garland 5

To make one it’s super simple. Just trace or draw some letters backwards onto the back of a sheet of paper. I used black glitter paper for some and old pages for the others. I also drew my letters rather than traced because I wanted it to be obvious they were hand drawn. Then cut each letter out. Next, punch two holes in the top of each letter and string them together. Done!!

paper garland 6

I chose Christmas phrases for each of them. A beautiful sight. Happy Christmas. Jingle Bells. O Holy Night. Every time I see them it makes me start singing :)

paper garland 4
paper garland 3
paper garland 2

You can also see that I have mixed in my leaf garland from last year. I love that garland as well :)

paper garland 1

What do you think? Are you going to make some for your own house? I would love to make more and string them all over for a party. They are like inviting people to a party, the more the merrier :)