Black & Brass: Gift Wrap

I love wrapping presents. Actually, I love anything having to do with paper! Many of the decorations I make are paper related. One thing I especially love to use is old books. They have so much character and I love the pattern the words make. So this year I decided to use the pages from old books as my gift wrap. While last year I wrapped every present differently, this year I decided to make them all pretty much the same, with just a few variations.

book gift wrap 1

Most of the gifts I had to wrap were an odd shape. Rather than trying to find boxes to fit them all, I made little bags. To do this I sewed two pages together on 3 sides. Then, I put the gift inside, folded over the top and tied it shut with some twine. For the gift tags I simply punched out some black glitter paper with a circular punch and then punched a little hole to feed the twine through. On the back I wrote the name of the recipient.

book gift wrap 2
book gift wrap 3

This one took a bit more time but it was worth it! The item was once again oddly shaped. But, it wouldn’t fit into the little pockets I had previously made. So, I sewed 4 sheets together to create a flat page. Then I sewed more sheets together to create the sides and bottom and sewed them to the first set to create a gift bag. Basically, I just looked at the construction of a gift bag and mimicked it. Amazingly, it worked! And it’s probably my favorite one :)

book gift wrap 4
book gift wrap 5

This one was also very simple. The gift was already rectangular in shape so I just sewed 6 book pages together to create one big flat sheet. Then I just wrapped the gift like normal. You could wrap any size of gift just by sewing a bunch of sheets together.

under the tree gifts

To make the gift wrapping for all of these presents I used a whole small book. I won’t lie, it did take a while. But if you just did a few at a time, it would have been no problem. I just happened to do all of mine at the same time… at 11:00 at night :)

I love how this can be translated to anytime of the year as well. Wouldn’t it be cute to use a children’s book for a birthday? Or an atlas for Father’s day. Or even just switching to a different color thread would make a fun twist. I’m thinking I might make some just to have on hand for future gifts using different books, threads, and gift tags for all year.