Black & Brass: White Christmas {Tree}

Quite a few years ago we stopped purchasing live trees and went with a fake green Christmas tree. It was a tough decision for me because I love live trees (especially the smell!). But since we have made the switch, I’m glad we did. My favorite part is that we no longer have to put lights on the tree since it came prelit. That also means we don’t have to take them off of a dead brittle tree after Christmas or figure out how to dispose of the dry tree that deposits its needles all over the house as we drag it outside. Gotta love convenience!!

Last year I retired our fake green tree as well. Not because I disliked it anymore or because it quit working but simply because of our lovable but rotten cat. She loved to crawl in the branches of the tree and eat the lights and ornaments. By the end of the season, all of the ornaments would be mysteriously missing from the tree and all of the branches were bent. So now that particular tree happily resides at the church during the Christmas season where it no longer attracts attention from furry creatures which I’m sure it enjoys :)

A couple of years ago I purchased a 4 foot white Christmas tree. I love it. It is one of my favorite things to get out and put up. And now that it is the only Christmas tree in the house, it gets center stage in the living room. Last year I put the tree on a little stand and it didn’t take very long for my cat (lovable but rotten) to figure out how to knock it over. So this year, I got serious. I dragged the table that usually resides in the craft room into the living room. Let’s just see if the cat can knock that over!

white christmas 1

Again, I like to keep my tree simple. I think it works because it’s little and because it’s white. I used the paper star ornaments that I made last year and the chalkboard ornaments from last year as well.

white christmas 2

I also made a new garland out of book pages:

white christmas 4

It’s really simple to make. Cut your old book pages into strips. Then, sew them together the long way on your sewing machine. I made a long garland in no time at all. You could also use this as cute ribbon for gifts. I really should have taken a picture of it when it was all rolled up because it looked really cute :)

As a finishing touch, I added some paper flowers left over from this project to the ceiling to act as a tree topper. I love how they hang instead of sit on top of the tree. They also twirl :)

white christmas 3

So that’s it, that’s my little tree. Tomorrow I will show you a close up picture of the gift wrap and explain how I did it :)