Great Minds Think Alike

I am thankful. I am thankful that I have my parents living in the same city with me right now. They only live here for 6 months at a time, so we make sure to spend a lot of it together. One of the things I enjoy is tossing around decorating ideas with my Mom.

My Mom and I are a lot alike and sometimes we laugh when we pick out the same things. Even though we have different styles we still pick out some of the same stuff. She likes a bit more rustic french style and l like a little bit more modern traditional. And yet, we both have cow rugs, horse heads, reclaimed wood tables in the making, and the color gray in as many places as we can.

We tend to pick out the same paint colors as well. Just last week Jason and I made a trip to Sherwin Williams to get a paint sample to try at church. When I told the guy that worked there what color I wanted he told me that my mom had just been in earlier that day for a sample of the same color (yes, we go to SW often enough that they know us!). My Mom and I hadn’t even discussed that color previously we just both randomly picked the same one. And this is not the first time it has happened :)

We have also been trading things recently. Stuff from my house goes to her house and stuff from hers comes to mine. It’s kind of like free shopping. It’s fun :) One of the recent things I sent her way were curtains. Remember this post when I showed you some curtains I wanted to make for the living room?

photo found here

I finally got around to making them and when I showed my Mom she told me she loved them so much she wanted them for her own living room. I asked her if she was serious and she said yes! Here’s the thing, after I finished making them I didn’t think they quite fit with my living room and I was a little bummed. But, they turned out really well and so I was going to use them anyway… until she said she wanted them. So we made a little bargain and now she is the proud owner of striped curtains. My parents are working on some remodeling at their house right now but when she has them hung I will take a picture and post about them.

So yes, I am blessed. Not only to have such a wonderful Mom, but to have such a wonderful friend. I love you Mom!

P.S. you can read more about her here