Update: Dining Room

As I mentioned before, I have some new pictures to share of the dining room. It all started with seeing these chairs at Target. They are very similar to the chairs I have in my breakfast nook and I really wanted to trade out the chairs that I already had for these guys. Then the best thing happened. They went on sale. Originally, they were $70 for a pair and I found them on sale for $17.50 for a pair! Bargain shopping is my favorite!

Because they were on such a good clearance, they didn’t have enough in white so I need to paint a few of them so they all match. For now, I just have two of them set up in the dining room as you can see here:

dining 2

What’s even more exciting is my dad is going to help me build a new table out of reclaimed wood. I can’t wait to have the whole look finished. I hope that it turns out the way it looks in my head :) I will definitely be posting more pictures when everything is completed. I’m hoping it will be done by Christmas.

Another change in the room is the addition of a new cabinet. You may remember this cabinet that I had in there before:

pic 2 v

Now, I have this awesome cabinet:

dining 3

My mom and I found this little beauty at the thrift store and I fell in love with it. I was happy to add a touch of wood to the room. I know, it’s funny to hear me say that since I usually paint everything as soon as I get my grubby little hands on it but in this case I wanted something a little warmer and more modern. This credenza did the trick for me. It actually is a record player and it works. It came with a few records and we took it for a test run. My parents had to show me how to run it :) I think it would be really fun to turn on during a party. We’ll see if I ever use it….

So there you have it, a few little changes with more to come. I love decor changes, don’t you?!