Clothespin Display Board

A while ago I found this cool picture from Martha Stewart featuring a inspiration board using clothespins. I loved the look and thought it would be a pretty simple project to make. I finally got around to making it and it’s now hung in my craft room.

clothes pins hanger 2

craft clothes pins hanger 1

What do you think? Martha’s is probably cooler but I like mine too :) I think I might need to paint the screws because Martha did so that must be the way to go. Haha!

To make it I just used some scrap wood we had, a few clothespins, and spray paint. I also hung mine vertical instead of horizontal since that was the space I had to work with. Now I have a little bit more color on the wall in my craft room. I like it :)

Next up, I have made a few changes to my dining room that I can’t wait to show you!