Family Room Floors

As I said in a previous post we have recently painted the floors in our family room. We use to have carpet in there and at one point we took up the carpet knowing there was concrete underneath but not realizing there was old linoleum glued onto the concrete. So, when we tried to peel the linoleum off, it left a paper layer that we couldn’t remove without going through an insane amount of work. We have lived with our family room like this for about a year now and it looked terrible. We thought we would have cool industrial-like concrete floors but ended up with nasty paper. So while we took some time deciding what we wanted to do instead, it just stayed that way. Finally, I decided to just paint over it, paper and all, for now. Eventually we can do something else (like wood floors) but for now, this works.

I wasn’t sure how the paint would cover all of the blemishes (there are some spots where the paper had come off revealing the concrete but most places there was the icky paper) but it actually turned out pretty good. Not perfect, but better :) Here are some pictures of the after:

family 1

family 2

family 3

family 4

family 6

family 7

To do this project, we primed the floors first (2 coats) and then we painted it with a porch/concrete paint. The color is Sherwin Williams Anew Gray, one of my favorites. It’s strange how the room feels so different, fresh and clean. I’m happy with it and it works… for now :)

I still have some painting touch ups to do on the trim because when I removed the carpet it revealed the base of the trim that wasn’t previously showing. I would also like to add some more blue to tie in with my ottoman. Ahhh… more projects, my favorite!