The Corner Of The Room

I have a bunch of new projects to share with you and I’m super excited! I will start with the family room since I already gave you a little hint that I was working on it. First off, I redid a little cabinet and it’s new home is in the family room so I will show you that little corner of the room.

Here is a before picture of the cabinet:
record cabinet

When my Mom and Dad bought their house, the previous owners left a few pieces of furniture in it. This little cabinet was one of them. I asked my Mom if I could have it and since she wasn’t going to use it, she gave it to me. It actually was a record player but it didn’t work and so we removed all of the insides and so now if you open it up you will just see shelves. The only bummer part is that when we did a walk through of my parent’s house before they bought it, this cabinet had a marble top on it but for some reason the previous owners wanted the top, just not the cabinet. I wished they had left the top as well :) But, regardless, I still like it.

Here is the after, the cabinet already in place in the family room:

family 5

I love it! I think it turned out so cute. Not bad for a free cabinet, huh?! In fact, after I had finished painting it my Mom had second thoughts about giving it to me :)

It’s so nice to have something in this corner of the room. Previously, I only had the chair, the lamp, and the elephant and it looked a little bare. But now with a new little cabinet and a few things on the wall, it gives this space a little character.

And what do you think of my horse bookends? They were found at an antique store here in town. They are the perfect touch to go with my horse ottoman (which you will see in the room next post). But now I am done with horses! I don’t want my whole house to be full of them so I have now decided I have enough. And for the record, I’m not a “horse” person. I just like them right now because they are trendy :)