Projects In The Making

I have lots of projects floating around right now, most of them half done or just getting started. So many projects that it’s driving my husband crazy! Jason’s parents are coming to visit us in a couple of weeks (yay!!) and so I always use that as motivation to get things done around here.

I have been steadily working on things since last week expecting to have all sorts of posts this week with things to show you but then… I got sick. Bummer. This whole week I have been parked on the couch doing absolutely nothing. Not my idea of a fun week. Finally today I am feeling much better and am able to get around a bit more. In fact I even ventured to leave the house this morning, the first time since Sunday!

Today I have been running around spray painting this and tearing apart that and sewing something else and Jason keeps telling me to take it easy and not to wear myself out but I can’t help it. I’m just so excited to be able to do things again! So, although I have a lot of things started, I have nothing finished yet and so I have nothing to show you. But new curtains will soon come to my living room, I have lots of spray painted projects to show you, a great before and after on a cabinet has (almost) been completed, and lots of other stuff. So stay tuned… I won’t let you down. Next week will be much better!

So for now, I will leave you with this image of a DIY project I can’t wait to tackle. Although it probably won’t happen until after Jason’s parents leave:

diy light

Amazing right? The project can be found at 101 Woonideen which is a foreign site so to get the instructions in English you have to use Google language tools and translate the web page from Dutch to English. Believe me, it’s worth it :) They also have a million other cool projects so take a look.

See you next week!