Christmas Items 2010!!

Okay… so Monday came and went. So did Tuesday and Wednesday. So I may not have made my original goal of finishing the new Christmas items by Monday but hey! Better late than never right?! All of the new stuff is finally in the shop!! Yay! Now I can relax and get stuff done around here :)

Here are some of the new items:

bubble red green

merry christmas tags

speech bubble

framed sayings
These are some of my favorite. They each have a line from a popular Christmas song.

mini mini
This little mini mini isn’t Christmas related but I have had it made for a long time and just haven’t put in the store yet so I decided to add it at the same time as the Christmas items. I think it’s super cute :)

And now time for the new Christmas mini book kit (my favorite part):

2010 c mini accessories
This is a picture showcasing the accessories. I love everything in it!

2010 c mini paper
The papers I designed for this kit are double sided. The left row is the back and the right row is the front side. There are 13 different papers

2010 c mini vintage
And the vintage and found papers that are in it. Included is vintage wallpaper, a wood cover (my favorite!), fabric paper, and other awesomeness.

I haven’t had a chance to make my own book yet but I will be tackling it soon. I can’t wait to play with all of the goodies :) A lot of people use these kits for their December Daily but I actually haven’t done it before. Mostly because I don’t take pictures throughout all of December. But, I think I might try it this year. What are your thoughts?

Everything shown is now up in the shop, take a look!! And thanks for so patiently waiting on me :)