Happy 11

To my dear Husband,
Happy anniversary number 11! Who would have thought that when you asked me out on a date 14 years ago that we would be here now?! I thought I had a good life growing up but it became even better with you :) So thank you…

j and k

Thank you for thinking I’m beautiful.
Thank you for doing the chores I hate, chores like washing dishes and cleaning bathrooms.
Thank you for being so HOT!!
Thank you for supporting me in everything I want to do. Including all of my hobbies even though they have now taken over 3 rooms of the house :)
Thank you for being my biggest fan.
Thank you for being the bug killer even though you think it’s silly that I won’t kill them myself.
Thank you for being my personal chauffeur since I hate to drive. And when I do have to drive myself somewhere, thank you for making sure the car has gas before I leave.
Thank you for letting me have a cat even though I know you wouldn’t have one if it weren’t for me (but you can’t fool me, I know you love her!). And thanks for feeding her when she wakes up at 4:00 in the morning so I can keep sleeping.
Thank you for always praying with me before we go to sleep.
Thank you for spending all day, every day with me and not get tired of me.
Thank you for being my best workout buddy.
Thank you for giving me a million different nicknames but never calling me by my name (do you even know my name?!).
Thank you for making me laugh everyday.
Thank you for letting me have more closet space than you.
Thank you for being so stable and down to earth. There is only room for one crazy person in this relationship.
Thank you for making me a delicious coffee everyday.
Thank you for taking care of all computer things even when you’ve showed me how to do something a million times.
Thank you for building websites and blogs for me even when I ask for hard stuff.
Thank you for helping with every jot & tittle orders. It’s so cute to see you making scrapbooking supplies!
Thank you for letting me sleep in.
Thank you for not making me mow the lawn (hey, it’s a boy’s job!).
Thank you for always making me handmade cards for holidays and birthdays because you know I like them better. Even though sometimes they open backwards :)
Thank you for smiling your crooked smile, it’s my favorite.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for all of the other billion things you do for me. If I named them all, readers would start to gag at the mushiness of it or they would try to steal you away from me :)

I love you sweetheart. You’re my best and my favorite. I can’t imagine life without you and I don’t want to spend a single day apart. Happy 11!