An Interview

The internet is an amazing place… really! A couple of years ago I was introduced to Cris of the wedding blog Kiss My Tulle and we became internet friends. I have never met Cris in person and that is what I think is so amazing about the internet. I can be friends with someone I have never met!

A couple of months ago I did an interview for her blog and it is now up on her site. You can read it here.

I also did a quick little project for the blog which are some favors using some tags from my shop. Here are some pictures:

favors 3

favors 1

favors 2

To make these they are super simple. I used this die cut and if you were going to make a whole bunch you might want to invest in one too. But, if you were only going to make a few you could just hand cut them (you can find patterns by doing a google search or check Martha Stewart). For these favors I used old book pages but you can use any paper depending on your decor. Fold the boxes and fill with candy or treats. Next, type on the tags (I used my typewriter) the names of your guests (or in this case, I used my family members names!) and then just tuck them into the top of the favor box. Super simple and oh so chic!!

Not only was I featured on Kiss My Tulle, I was also featured on Creature Comforts a couple of days ago. I was super excited because I didn’t realize it was going to happen. I was just innocently reading my blogs through my Google reader and I noticed the picture that I took last year of the paper leaves. Oh how happy :) Ez from Creature Comforts does a blog post every morning titled Inspiration Daily. I just never thought I would be the inspiration :) So thank you to Cris and Ez. It’s been a good week!