Spray Painted Travel Case

Last summer my Mom and I found the end tables that are in my bedroom at a yard sale for $30 for both. They are faux bamboo and fabulous! After a quick job of spray painting them silver, they were just what we had envisioned and were now chic and updated. I would love to show you the before picture but I actually had it saved on my laptop and it died a few months ago along with the before picture. Sad day.

bed pillows 2

Although I love my new-to-me end tables, they only had one little drawer in them. I usually like to keep a few things in my nightstand and so one little drawer wasn’t going to cut it for me. My solution for this little inconvenience came in the form of a travel case that I had picked up at a thrift store for $1 a couple of years ago.

travel case

It had super cute lines and the price was right but it was a bit banged up and not the right color scheme for my room. So if you were me, what would you do? That’s right, I spray painted it! I grabbed my can of white paint and sprayed a few coats on it and it’s as good as new. I set it on the shelf of my nightstand and now I have a bit more space to store a few more things like books and papers and such all while keeping it hidden in a cute container :)

bed pillows 3

I have another one of these travel cases that I think would be super cute to use as a charging station. What do you think? After painting it, I could just drill a hole in the back and feed a power strip though it and ta-da! You have yourself a charger station for your ipods, phones and the like. Good idea?