Another Bedroom Sneak Peek

You are probably getting tired of the master bedroom sneak peeks and just want to see the whole finished product but… it’s still not done :) I have been busy with other things (including designing new Christmas product for every jot & tittle!) and so the bedroom gets pushed aside and I work on it here and there when I have time. But today, I will show you a bit more of the room than I have previously and hopefully you will get a feel for it.

A couple of days ago I worked on making some throw pillows for the bed. All of our bedding is white and so I wanted to bring a bit of color and pattern to the room in the form of throw pillows.

bed pillows 5
bed pillows 6

All of these pillows have an envelope closure of the backside so they were very simple to make and probably only took about 20 minutes for each one (except for the front pillow). There are tons of tutorials out there for making an envelope pillow cover so instead of me trying to explain the process, just do a quick google search and you will find a tutorial really easily!

For the zig zag pillow, I used a plain striped fabric and made it into a zig zag pattern. It took a little bit more time and I actually took pictures of it along the way so I will post a tutorial for it later this week.

Do you want to know the best part about this whole project? My total cost was $.79! I already had all of the pillows forms, I just recovered old pillows with the new covers. The striped material in the back was found at a thrift store for under a $1 and my Mom actually purchased it and then gave it to me when I told her how perfect it would be for my room. The floral pillow fabric I already had on hand and I have had it for a few years. And lastly, the zig zag fabric I bought as a remnant for $.79. Amazing :) Inexpensive projects are some of my favorite!

Here are a few pictures of the whole bed:

bed pillows 1
bed pillows 2

I think it’s coming together. At least, my list of things to do is getting shorter :) The next thing on my list is to make or buy curtains. I can’t decide what I want. Should I do something black and white with pattern? Or should I just do a simple white? Please give me your opinions!!!

Another thing I’m hoping to do requires a bit of help from my Dad. My Dad made the bed for us for a wedding present almost 11 years ago. I still love it but now I would like it to be stained darker. Hey, styles change in 11 years!! So he said he might be able to spray it with a tinted lacquer and that would make it look like it was stained darker. Now that he told me that, I have added spraying the bed to my list but that’s not something I can do myself so I have to wait for him to be available.

And lastly, Jason and I have been working on the closet. Our room is not very big and the closet is tiny. There used to be a built in desk in the room which was wasted space for us since we each have our own office. So we have ripped out the desk and are trying to turn it into some more closet space. That is the main hold up in the room redo. But, we are getting closer and I’m happy with the results!

Next up, the tutorial for the zig zag pillow!!