Don’t Cost A Dime: Drawing On The Walls Again

As I mentioned in this post, I drew on my walls again. Since it’s such an easy, fun, and cheap project with a great payoff, I just can’t seem to have enough of it!

This time, I drew on the walls in my bedroom. I had decided a while ago that I wanted a bit of a pattern on the wall in my room where the bed sits. I was painting the walls a super dark color and thought it would be cool to draw on them with a black marker so the pattern would be subtle. I was excited about this possibility but now I had to come up with a pattern. I tossed around different ideas in my head for quite some time and then, inspiration struck!

Last month while I was riding in the car with my husband and his parents on a trip to Seattle, I happened to be wearing a shirt from Free People with a really cool pattern (sorry I didn’t take a picture of it). Suddenly I realized that it was the perfect pattern for my walls…

Practically as soon as we got home, I scanned in the shirt to my computer and started working on the design. Once finished, I printed it on a transparency and projected it onto my wall with an overhead projector. Then, I dug around in my craft room and found a Sharpie and traced the pattern onto the walls. Yes, you read that right, a Sharpie. Worked like a charm! In an hour or two, I was done! So simple, so quick, and so cool! Here are a couple of pictures of me drawing:

drawing walls 2

drawing walls 3

Unfortunately, it is really hard to get a picture of black on almost black. So I had to distort the color of the walls a little bit to get the marker to show up in these next two pictures, but you get the idea. Obviously, this is right after I finished. The bed was still not back in the room yet and the lampshades are off :) Oh well, I am still planning on posting after pictures of the room when everything else is complete!

drawing walls 4
drawing walls 5

This little bedroom overhaul is taking me longer than I expected! Hopefully I can give you a few more sneak peeks while I am finishing everything up. I still have to hang some things on the walls and hang some curtains but it’s getting there! A little bit closer every time. Thanks for hanging in there with me :)