Photography: Photoshoots

My good friend Heather and I love to do photo shoots together. We have so much fun planning them and then when the day arrives, we have fun executing our ideas. Lately, we have done a couple of different photo shoots and I thought I would share them with you.

In May, we got the idea to do a little photo shoot for Heather’s daughter, Alana. Alana has so many cute clothes we thought it would be fun to take pictures, catalog style, of her in her different outfits. We took a few days to plan everything and gathered props. Then we took two days of shooting to get everything we wanted. Alana was such a trooper and we had so much fun. Here are a couple of my favorites from that day:

alana 3
alana 4
alana 2
alana 5

So cute! Heather has a million more images on her blog. You can view them in a slideshow here

Another shoot we did this month was for me! Because I was turning 30, I wanted to document it (surprise, surprise!). So I asked Heather if she would be willing to take a few pictures of me in a laundromat. I had seen this done a few times online and thought it was so cute and so I wanted to try it. This shoot took a lot less planning but just as fun.

chair 1
sitting 1
sitting 2
chair 2

You can see more pictures from the shoot on Heather’s blog here

Thank you, Heather, for being my photo buddy! I love being creative with you! Thanks for documenting life with me :)

Next up, I’m thinking photos in a bowling alley… What do you think?!