Gardening Party

Wow… I can’t believe I haven’t posted for this long. I’m sorry to all of you who have been waiting on me to post something new and inspiring. I could give you all of the excuses why I haven’t posted but instead I will just move forward and give you something to look at today :)

I have the best friends ever. I have a big birthday coming up (entering a new decade, yikes!) and my friends got together to give me the most wonderful birthday gift a few weeks early. It was all put together by my dear friend Martha. She had the idea to redo (or do, for the first time since I certainly have never done anything with it) our front flower bed. Previously, it was in very sorry shape! Here are some pictures:

before 1
I have heard from the neighbors that at one time the bed was pretty. But it had been neglected for a while before we moved in and then my black thumb hasn’t help much.

before 2
There was a lot of black plastic exposed from the work that was done before. Yuck. It looked really ugly.

before 3
It’s also a pretty big bed and we ripped a bunch of overgrown stuff and stuff we didn’t like out and basically that left us with very little. It was sorry indeed.

So Martha planned a work day. She organized everything and thought of everything. It was amazing. She rounded up a bunch of friends to be the work crew and they got busy!

working 1

working 2

working 3

Not only did they get rid of all the nasty stuff, they also planted new pretty plants and put down mulch. They worked hard! I actually had a prior commitment and so when I came home around noon, most all of the work was already done! Amazing! It was so exciting to see it transform! Here are the afters:

after 1

after 2

after 3

Looks good huh? But that’s not all! As if all of that wasn’t enough, Martha also planned a spectacular lunch (she’s Italian and she made some amazing pasta!)


We all chowed down and then went inside for some birthday cake. Another surprise awaited me. Martha and another good friend Maureen set a beautiful display for the sweets. I was blown away! Look how cute it is:

decor 1

decor 2

It was such a wonderful day I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present. We all hung out for a little while afterward and enjoyed each other. Don’t I have the best friends?! See for yourself, here are couple group pictures:

group 1

group 2
We can be a little silly too!

And one last picture of me and Martha. Martha blinked right when I was taking it and I didn’t know but it’s the only one I have so I will show you anyway!


Thank you to all of my friends! You made this birthday the best ever and my flower bed (and neighbors) thank you too :)