Don’t Cost A Dime: Fabric Flower Belt

Following my last post, it appears I’m stuck on flowers doesn’t it?! Today’s don’t cost a dime involves fabric flowers instead of paper flowers.

I am completely in love with these flower tutorials from Martha Stewart. You may even remember this post from a few months ago when I talked about making some. I also love these flower sashes from Emerson Made. So, I set out to combine the two and create my own flower sash but a bit more informal. Here’s what I came up with:

dress 2

I knew I wanted to use stripes and thankfully, I had enough striped material left over from my purse project. Using the templates and tutorial from Martha, make your flower first.

fabric flower 1

Next, cut two long stripes of fabric about 1” wide. Fold the two sides in to meet each other and ironed them in place.

fabric flower 2

Then, fold it again in half and sewed down the center to make it stay.

fabric flower 3

Next, sew the two strips onto the back of your flower. I wanted mine to be off center when I wear it so I made one side much longer than the other so that when I wrapped it around me it is just right. You can also just make one band if you want but I wanted mine to be double banded.

fabric flower 4

fabric flower 5

Then, wrap it around yourself and you have a fun belt! You can use it to dress up a plain white shirt:

shirt 1
shirt 2
shirt 3

Or wear it with a black dress:

dress 1
dress 3

I’m also thinking of making a smaller flower (much smaller) to wear in my hair. Although I don’t think I will wear them at the same time :)