Baby Shower: Signs And Cupcakes

This is the last installment for the baby shower. Then I will move on… I promise :)

There were just a couple more things that I wanted to explain how they were done and I wanted to get this post in on Friday but I ended up having a fun day out with my Mom instead. So here I am today, wrapping up the baby shower!

The first picture I have to show you is for the cupcake tower. I made a little ruffle edge and I will explain below how I did it. Here is what I am talking about:


To make the ruffles it’s super easy. I used tissue paper (which I also used for the flag bunting) for mine. First, I cut the tissue paper into strips about 2” wide. Then, I doubled them up and ran them through my sewing machine scrunching it as I sewed to create the ruffle. Then I used double sided tape and taped it onto the cupcake stand. Pretty simple and, well, pretty too! It would also be cute to use fabric or wrapping paper.

The last project I have to share is the little signs that I made for each food item. Here is one:


I bought the silver part at Michaels. They are metal plant markers similar to this. I couldn’t find them on the Michaels site but they were 4 for $1.

lemon pies

Next, I had Jason cut some small pieces of wood and drill two holes in them for the marker to fit into. Then I spray painted the wood part, black.

oreo truffles

(a little side note: I used a garden pot for the base of these food stands with a plate on top. Worked like a champ and added height and color to my table)

After my paint dried I was able to slip the marker into the stand and then they stand up by themselves! You could glue the stand in place but I decided not to so I could disassemble them for ease of storing.

goodie bag sign

Lastly, I created the little tags and used double sided tape to attach the paper to the metal. I figured these would be fun to use for parties in the future with just a simple change of the paper part and so I kept them neutral. But, I also think they would be really cute if the stands were painted in other colors :)

So that’s all the tutorials I have to share. Is there anything else you are dying to know? What was your favorite part? Or, do you have any good ideas that I should incorporate into my next shower or party? Do tell!