Baby Shower: Favor Bag Contents

I bet you have all been on pins and needles just waiting for me to reveal what was in the favor bags, right?! Well, you are in luck! I will now show you what you would have found had you opened one of these bad boys up.

Each person received a gray and white striped pencil, a bag of Mike & Ike’s, a mini notebook, and three patterned sheets of paper that we used for the games we played.

favor bag contents

Whenever I assemble favor bags I always like to include a cute pen or pencil that matches the theme so that it makes it easier to play games. I had been on the hunt for something that matched and scored when I found these pencils at Michaels in their $1 bins (8 for $1). I also always like to include a little treat for them to take home and the tropical Mike & Ike’s were the perfect colors (thanks to my Mom for informing me of this). And, I always want to include a little gift of some sort and that’s where the mini notebooks come in.

notebooks 1

notebooks 3

I think they are so cute when they are all lined up! I made 18 little books to go in the bags and I once again used the patterns from my Reprodepot Pattern Book. Here are the steps to making a mini notebook for yourself.

notebook 1

First of all, decide what size you want it to be. I made mine 3” x 2.5” when folded so when it’s flat the cover is 3” x 5”. That way, if you use an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, you can get 5 out of one sheet. Print and then cut your cover to size. I used cardstock for the cover.

notebook 7

For the pages I used regular computer paper but you could also use graph paper (I later made another one with graph paper) and it is so cute! I just didn’t have enough graph paper on hand to make all the books I needed so I used plain white. You could also used a mixture of papers as long as they are all light weight. Cut the plain paper to the same size (3” x 5”).

notebook 2

Fold all of your sheets of paper and your cover in half. You can already see it looking like a little book. I used 10 sheets of paper per book. My sewing machine couldn’t handle any more than that!

notebook 3

For the ribbon place holder, put a small piece of double sided tape onto the top of the inside fold of the cover and place one end of the ribbon onto it. Then assemble the book again. I cut my ribbon to 4”.

notebook 4

Flatten out your book making sure that everything is lined up correctly and sew a straight stitch along the fold down the center. I used a contrasting thread for fun.

notebook 5

notebook 6

Fold your book again and ta-da! You are done! Aren’t they so cute? I love to carry a little notebook with me in my purse and these are just the right size.

notebooks 2

Have fun trying it out for yourself!