Amy Atlas Wanna Be

Yes, I confess, I am an Amy Atlas wanna be. I mean, who doesn’t wish all of their parties turned out like hers?! I just hosted a baby shower at my house on Sunday and maybe it doesn’t look like Amy Atlas, I still think it turned out well :) You may remember I shared the invitations with you and promised I would share all of the details later. So here I am, keeping my promise!

You may recall that my friend is having a little boy. With that in mind I chose colors that could work for a boy but I didn’t necessarily go all out boy. I figured that only girls would be attending the party and shouldn’t it appeal to girls?! So actually, the colors and items I used could easily work for a baby girl shower as well or even a birthday party. It’s very versatile :)

Here is a picture of the whole room. This is before I brought the food out…

whole room

I got my inspiration for the colors from here. I saw the bunting and I knew that was what I wanted. In fact if you want to duplicate the bunting that I made, just follow her tutorial, it’s super easy and you can do it while watching t.v. The only change I made was I made them a triangle shape instead of rectangle. Either way, it’s cheap and cute!

Here is another view of the room from a different angle. There is also food on the table in this picture :)

room 1

A close up of the paper circles dangling from the chandelier:

circle streamer

For this and many other shower projects, I once again used patterns from Reprodepot’s Folk Pattern Book. I am so in love with these patterns, I want to put them everywhere! I chose 7 patterns from the book and I also used a diagonal gray and white stripe and repeatedly used them throughout the shower for anything and everything I could think of!

The drinks table:

poster table

When I saw this picture, I knew I had to have soda pop in glass bottles at the shower. What a fun way to bring in some color! And believe me, I hunted all over town for just the right colors! It was fun and I love the way they look.

soda pop

Before I even bought the soda, I had to have the striped straws. Seriously, I HAD to have them! I searched high and low and finally bought them on Etsy from HeyYoYo and I had fantastic service, I would highly recommend them!


Ahhhh… simply delightful!

A close up of the poster I made that is similar to the invitations. I actually removed everything from my walls in this area so it wouldn’t be distracting to the party decor. Unfortunately that left a million nail holes showing :)


Here is another close up of the table:

room 2

For the desserts there were mini lemon pies, oreo truffles, coconut cupcakes, frozen grapes, and green m&m’s. A couple of days later and I’m still enjoying the leftovers!

The favor bags:

favor bags

In another post I will further explain what is in the favor bags and how I made them.

With all of the sweets floating around, we needed some coffee. I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it but then I thought of the shelves in our dining room. They turned out to be the perfect location my little coffee bar:

coffee bar

And moving into the living room, I just did a few decorations there. I added some more bunting above where the guest of honor sat:

living room

The table was the gift table and unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it with all of the gifts on it. Silly me! But you get the idea, right?!

On the other side of the living room I made another bunting out of left over material from the favor bags and hung it over the window:

window banner

I couldn’t get enough of the bunting. I think I will hang some in my craft room now that the shower is over :) I have already hung the paper circle thing from my light in there!

That’s all of the pictures I have to share today. In the next couple of days I will show you how I made some of these projects. If there is anything in particular that catches your eye and you want to know how I did something, leave me a note in the comments and I will be happy to answer any questions and I may even address it in a separate post. More soon!!!