Painting: Inside The Front Door

I’m back! Did you miss me last week? I was having a very uninspiring week (which doesn’t happen to me often) and I just didn’t feel like I really had anything to share. I was racking my brain trying to think of something to post about and it ended up making me stressed out! So, I decided just to take a week off of blogging and come back this week all refreshed. And now, here I am :) Ready to tackle the blogging world again and I’m feeling refreshed and inspired! It was sort of a much needed blog vacation! Needless to say, because I was feeling so uninspired, none of the things from the last post got made. Maybe in the future :)

Like I said, I didn’t do much creative stuff last week so today’s post is just a simple little project that I completed on Thursday. I have been thinking about painting the inside of my front door black. Then, I stumbled on a can of black paint at Habitat For Humanity for $2 and I thought I’d better just go for it! Here is the before:

door before

The entryway has white wainscoting all the way around and I thought the black door would make it a bit more interesting.

door after

And the after! I put two coats on and it seems to be good to go. I love subtle changes like this one. And it was quick (as you already know, I love quick projects)! I painted it while I was talking to my little brother on the phone. There’s nothing better than multitasking!

So, what do you think? Is it an improvement or did you like the white door better?