Churches Can Be Cool Too

I’m taking a break today from posting about projects at my house and I’m going to show you projects elsewhere. For those of you who don’t know, my husband is the pastor of our church and so I get to help out with the decor. I love doing that part and so from time to time, I work on fun little projects for our church. Most of these things have been done for a while now but I kept forgetting to take my camera to church with me to document them. I finally remembered and now I can share them with you.

You may remember from this post that I bought a stickable chalkboard. I told you I had plans for it and now it is done. I wanted to use it on the wall outside of the childrens’ classrooms to tell what ages belong to what room. Here is one in action (although it doesn’t have anything written on it yet!):

thought bubble

I’m now looking for some chalk markers. Does anyone know where to find them? I have looked all over town and can’t seem to locate any so I guess I will have to do a google search. I hoping for the markers so there isn’t chalk all over the place! As a side note, the chalkboard is kind of like contact paper but a little thicker. To make it I just traced my design on the back and cut it out. Couldn’t be easier. It also says it’s removable and repositionable which is another bonus.

Remember my contact paper obsession? While I was adding contact paper to every inch of my house, I was also adding it to the church. We have a long hallway in the entryway and so I wanted to dress it up a bit. I thought a flock of birds would do the trick:

birds 1
birds 2

Thanks to my mom and Jason for helping me out with this quick project! To make this, I just found some bird images on the web and had my wishblade cut them out. Then we adhered them to the wall. It’s so nice they come off so easy because we had to reposition them a few times to get them just right. For those of you wondering about putting them on drywall, so far we haven’t had any problems. I just checked on them again yesterday and they still peel off really easily and they have been up for about 3 months now.

(edited) I found the bird images here if you want to make your own!

The next two projects I can’t take any credit for but I thought I would post them anyway so those from back home can see them! All the credit goes to my dad. While visiting us we put him to work on a couple of things and they turned out great. He is amazing!

The first one thing we had him build was speaker stands. Jason and I and some friends were in Anthropologie one day and we saw some (plant?) stands and loved them. What we didn’t love was the $800 price tag. So we took some pictures with our cell phone and showed my dad and he got to work. Here is the finished product:

speaker stand

Cool right?! I’m thinking I need one for myself to use as a plant stand :)

As if those weren’t enough, he also built Jason a pulpit. It’s made of walnut and it’s so pretty. This past Sunday was the first time he got to use it. It sure beats using a metal music stand! Thanks Dad, we love it!

pulpit 2
The front

pulpit 5
The back.

I should have gotten some pictures of Jason behind it :) Maybe next time!

So there you have it. I still have lots of things I want to work on but a little at a time is about all I can manage! And as the title says, churches can be cool too!