ABC Baby Shower Invitations And A Freebie

This past weekend I made some baby shower invitations for a shower I am throwing next month. I love having parties at my house and I always get excited to start designing the concept and colors.

abc materials
The materials I used.

For this shower, the mom-to-be wants an alphabet poster in her son’s room and so I took that as the inspiration for the theme of the shower. I designed a small version of an alphabet poster for the front, added some stripes, sewed some zigzags and called it a day. Here is a picture of the finished invitation:


and the back:


The back looks a little funny because I got rid of last names and addresses in photoshop before posting the picture :)

Most everyone who is invited to the shower is from our church so I knew I would just be handing them out in person. With that in mind, I created envelopes using my new favorite method of vellum and stitching. Then I added some labels for the names. Here is an invite in its envelope:


I am really in love with this color combination! I can’t wait to see how the whole shower comes together. I have visions of gray and white striped paper straws and lots of garland! I will definitely be posting pictures but we have to wait until next month until after the shower is over…

Once I finished them I decided to share the files with you so you can make your own if you wish. After all, why do to all that hard work for just one little shower?! I hope you can use them!

1. Download the pdf(s) of your choosing. I have made two sizes available. The square size when finished is 6” x 6” (these cost a bit more to mail). The standard size finished is 4 1/8” x 5 1/2” which fits into a standard invitation size envelope. There is a front and back file for both sizes so make sure you download everything you need!

Square ABC invitation front
Square ABC invitation back

Standard ABC invitation front
Standard ABC invitation back

2. Print the files on cardstock. I used a bright white linen textured cardstock.
3. Cut out the invitation. For the front (abc side), cut out using the stripes as the border, don’t forget to cut the corners. For the back, cut along the orange line. I used a paper cutter for nice smooth cuts.
4. If you have a scoring tool, score along the faint white line that cuts through the stripes on the front side. This will be your fold line.


5. Flip over and fold along your newly scored lines.

6. Put a small piece of adhesive onto the backside of the abc cardstock piece. Then, with the back cardstock piece of the invitation (the one with all the info), adhere it to the back of the abc piece.

back in place

7. Put your sewing machine setting on zig zag and sew along the back of the invitation along the stripes to made the folds stay in place.


You now have a finished invitation!

The back of your invitation will look different as you will have to write in the info yourself. I didn’t think you would want your guests showing up at my house!

Feel free to use these for any shower you throw but please keep these for personal use only! I will continue to make freebies as long as they follow these guidelines :)

Also, once they are completed they would make really cute artwork for a baby room. If anyone tries it, let me know!

I am happy to change colors to match your theme or change the info on the back of the invite for a fee. Contact me for pricing if you are interested.