Fun With Mustaches Part 2

As promised, here are some pictures from our adventures with mustaches (if you are wondering what I am talking about, here is the previous post). Before I took off for Oregon, I made Jason put on a mustache as well so we could snap a few pictures. I set up the tripod and click, click, clicked away.

Jason was cracking me up because I forgot to tell him not to smile. I wanted us to be serious like old time photos but he looks so happy with his fake mustache on!

mustache 3

After we took this pic Jason informed me that I needed to fix my hair :) So I did my best for the next few.

mustache 2

And what would family pictures be without our cat? Sydney wouldn’t cooperate very well because she was much more interested in playing with the elastic band than letting me hold it in front of her face. This is probably the best one. Below is what was typical! Oh well, we tried!

mustache 1

And as for my family? I will let you see for yourself if they liked them:

family 1
For the first one we were pretty normal…

family 2
then we started to get a bit crazy…

family 3
more crazy…

family 4
and the craziness keeps building…

family 5
we sure have fun together!

family 6
In this picture you can see Oliver pulling my Mom’s mustache back. He lets it go and it snaps her in the face. Boy, I wish I knew that was going on so I could have gotten the after picture! At least I got one in progress!

Obviously, these were all taken by me with my remote that is featured in every shot! Hey, it’s better than self-timer :)

And a couple more shots of my crazy brothers. Lily (the baby) didn’t like wearing her mustache too much so they decided to prop it up on her face. It looks pretty cute :)

brett lily
My younger brother Brett and his new little niece.

brett josh
My brothers are silly. I love them so much :)

This is one of my favorites. That mustache kills me every time!

Thanks to my family for taking these fun pictures for me. I love them all and they make me laugh every time I see them! I think we will have to do it again when Jason is with us so we can get the whole family. I love you all so much!