Fun With Mustaches

It’s crazy how fake mustaches are all the rage these days! I decided to join in on the fun and make some myself.

I found out last minute that I would be taking a quick trip to Oregon to visit my family (it’s a long story but for those who I didn’t get to see while I was there… I’m sorry but I was literally there for only 3 days) and I always like to bring my little nephews and niece a little present. Yes, I like to buy their affection by bringing them gifts! That way, hopefully they will look forward to seeing me as much as I look forward to seeing them :)

This is where the mustaches come in. I thought the boys might have fun with some fake mustaches especially since I also made some for their parents, grandparents and new baby sister who is only 1 month old! Then we could all take a picture together. I hoped they would think it was silly and funny.

First I did a little internet research and found two places where they had mustache templates. I could have created some myself but no use reinventing the wheel right? Here are the templates I used:

mustache 7

I mostly used the templates from Lisa Welge but I had to have the fu manchu from Katrina. They are all so funny!

mustache 8

I cut all of the templates out and using them as a guide cut out two from felt. One was out of the stiffer felt because I wanted them to stick out, not lie flat against our faces. The other was from regular crafting felt and I got it in light brown, dark brown, and black just to mix it up. I probably should have gotten gray too for Grandpa and Grandma but that would have been mean :)

mustache 6

See the tiny one? It’s for my 4-week-old niece :)

Once I had all of my pieces cut out, I cut a little slit in the stiff felt and threaded the elastic cord through. Then I sewed the elastic in place. I tried to use the machine to do this but it ended up working better to hand sew it. Then, using my machine, I sewed the soft felt onto the front around the edges.

mustache 5

This is just before I added the top piece of felt. You can see where the elastic threads through and is secured.

mustache 4

A completed mustache!

mustache 9

Since they were gifts, I packaged them up (using my method from v-day) and I made little to/from stickers to keep the package closed. As you can see from the picture, I also made one mustache-on-a-stick. I actually wanted to make all of them on a stick because I think they are so cute but I wasn’t sure if that was such a good idea since I was giving them to 4 boys ages 6 and under! So the mustache-on-a-stick is for Jason :)

Next up I will show you our pictures and let you know how they were received! By the way, this blog also has a ridiculously cute mustache gift idea. Give it a try, they are fun :)