Chalk It Up

A few months ago I saw this picture on Amanda Johnson’s blog and of course I wanted one of those signs for my own!

cant buy me love

Basically, she took a piece of plywood, used pre-cut letters and placed them on the board. Then she spray painted the whole thing black and peeled off the letters. Genius. I want one :) I was all set to make one until I started thinking about what I wanted it to say. I was stuck. What did I want my sign to say? No ideas were forthcoming because I couldn’t think of any phrase that I wouldn’t get tired of.

And then I remembered that I had this picture saved in my image spark files:

chalkboard artwork

found here. And see that cup? I already have it thanks to my dear friend heather. That settles it, I must have a large chalkboard!

chalkboard 2

It made me rethink my original plan. What if I made a large chalkboard out of plywood and then I could put whatever saying I wanted and just erase it and start over when I grew tired of it? I know, I know, the chalkboard idea is not so original but for some reason it was exactly what I needed for the look I had in mind. So my plans shifted and I started working toward my new direction.

chalkboard 1

I had Jason cut a sheet of plywood for me and then after sanding and priming it I spray painted it with chalkboard paint and hung it up. Ta-da! It now resides in my craft room and I couldn’t be happier.

chalkboard 3

The first thing I wrote on it was a saying I saw on Elsie Flannigan’s blog, I want to take over the whole world and make it sooooooooooo cute. I loved it because sometimes that is how I feel. I really do wish I could make the whole world pretty to look at (aside from nature, of course, it’s already gorgeous)!

Here are a couple other signs that I love:

sign 1

Found here

sign 2

Found here

Oh how I love those pictures! But if I tried to make something similar, I have the same dilemma as before, what should I write? Do you have any suggestions? I need help :)