Welcome To My {Sewing} World

A few months ago I updated my craft room a little bit and I realized I never shared the change with you! The main reason is because I still have yet to finish every last detail but it’s getting there. I will always have lingering projects to finish. But hopefully, I will finish! Ha!

So here is a little peek of the sewing desk in my craft room…

craft room 1

I just added the oh happy day banner this week. I had originally made it for valentine’s day and it said happy valentines day and I just took out the valentines and added the oh :)

craft room 2

I stash my ribbons, foam letter stamps, and anything else I can fit in a jar here on my shelf. You can even see the doily mini book that I just finished hanging out up there and the letter k just to let you know whose room this is.

craft room 5

This whole redo project started with paint. I painted the walls a soft gray which was left over from the guest bedroom. Before it was beige and I’m much happier with the gray.

craft room 3

My sewing thread. I’m starting to add on my collection as I do sewing projects here and there. I would love to have a whole bunch of colors to look at. I think it looks so pretty! I’m also thinking of painting the thread stand a fun color. What do you think? I can’t decide on a color so I haven’t done it yet.

craft room 7

craft room 6

The desk was a gift from my parents a while back and it was originally white. I painted it gray and then masked off the top to create the chevron stripe using this tutorial from Sunset.

This is a good example for all of you who think everything I try turns out good. Well, just so you know, not everything does :) This particular project I had trouble when I peeled the tape after painting my final coat. A bunch of the paint came off with the tape and I still haven’t fixed it yet. Which is why I haven’t blogged about it :) I probably should have primed it first but I was lazy and didn’t and now I will have to redo all those stripes again! Not fun the second time around.

The nice thing about blogging is I only have to show you the projects that actually turn out good. You haven’t seen my stash of failed attempts and half done things. Maybe someday I will let you into that part of my world :)

craft room 4

That’s all for now. It’s a happy place to sew, especially when it’s all clean like it is in the pictures. Usually it’s a place where everything collects and then I have to clear it off when I want to begin a new project. That’s what happened this time. I had just cleaned it up and decided it was picture worthy. Do you agree?