Hooray for Snow!

Yesterday afternoon it start snowing and we got enough snow to stick on the ground and cover our yard. For this area it is uncommon and yet it has snowed 3 times this winter alone. That is more snow in one winter than we’ve had in the previous 4 years we’ve lived here combined! Because it doesn’t snow very often, we get excited to see it. I didn’t take any pictures before so this morning when we woke up and it was still on the ground I begged Jason to be in a few pictures with me.

snow 1

We went for a run first and then when we came home I grabbed the tripod and my camera and this is what we got.

snow 2

Our run was fun. I love to run when there is snow around because it’s so pretty to be outside. I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much if we had gotten more snow but for the little bit we had I liked it. The roads weren’t covered with snow but they were a bit icy here and there and we slipped a few times but fortunately, neither of us fell :)

snow 3

I had to run inside to grab the cat for a picture. Can you tell who didn’t want the cat in the photo? According to Jason, she is NOT part of our family. Sydney is only our pet :)

snow 4

At least he behaved for this one and we got a family picture :) Ha ha ha

Anyone else out there get some snow? Do you love it or hate it?