Striped Purse

This past Saturday I was feeling crafty. There were plenty of things I should have been doing but I didn’t feel like doing any of them. So, instead, I made a purse. It’s always good to make a new purse every once in a while :)

It all started because I got a yard of black and white striped fabric from Walmart for $1.50. You just can’t beat that! As I was dreaming about what I would create with it a purse came to mind and that settled it. I had to have a new striped purse.

Originally, I was just going to wing it and make it up as I went. I knew what shape I wanted and I knew I wanted a little pleat in the middle. But then I remembered that I saw this tutorial from Smile & Wave. It was almost exactly what I was looking for so I used it as a base and just tweaked it here and there. Here is my finished purse:


If you want to make one just like mine, the changes I made are simple. I added an extra pleat in the front middle and back middle (just like the side pleats), along with a button. Because I wanted extra pleats, I also cut out the shape a bit wider to begin with since I knew it would shrink as pleats were added. I also made just one strap instead of two and secured it on the sides. For the side with the knot, I just let the strap hang down a bit farther, sewed it in place and then tied a knot. That way the stitching didn’t show, just the knot does. I know that I’m not very good at explaining instructions (which is why I don’t write tutorials!) so if you have any other questions, let me know in the comments and I will do my best to respond in a way that makes sense!

Here are some more detail shots:


I love the added button :)



And the knot is my favorite!

This bag makes me think of summer, what about you? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anxious for summer, but it does make me think of it based on the color scheme and lightness of it. Even though it looks like it belongs in warmer weather, I’m going to use it now :)

This is a super easy tutorial and I think it took me about 2 hours to make. It’s very roomy and could be used for all sorts of things, even just a summer going-to-the-beach kind of bag. Enjoy making one of your own!!