Amazing Blogs

Everyday I have a few different blogs that I like to read and I check them via Google Reader. There are so many blogs out there that I can’t keep up with all of them and rather than try to, I just stick to my favorites. That way, I’m not spending hours everyday blog surfing. Otherwise what ends up happening is I spend so much time looking at so many amazing things that I don’t have time to make anything! Which is sort of the reason I like to look at blogs in the first place, for inspiration.

With that said, I often come across blogs that are fabulous and for some reason, this week I especially found a bunch that I like. So, I thought I would share some of them with you. You may have already stumbled across these but I hadn’t until recently.

Sweet Paul – seriously amazing. He is a food and prop stylist and you have probably seen things he creates in magazines. As I’ve been browsing, I’ve noticed several projects I’ve seen here and there. Plus, all the pictures are gorgeous!

Between the lines – beautiful pictures and fun crafts. I have really enjoyed exploring this blog.

Blue Moss – This blog explores fashion and the home. I like when there is a little bit of both mixed in :)

Apartment #34 – Really pretty pictures and again, a mix of fashion and home. Fun, fun, fun!

And because blog posts are more fun with pictures, here is a picture that Heather took of Jason and I a couple of weeks ago that will be appearing in my doily mini book:

kellie jason web

I love him so much, I am a very blessed girl :)