Baby Onesies

On Tuesday, my brother, Josh, and his wife, Jodi, welcomed a baby girl into their family! They have four boys so imagine how excited they are to have a girl added to the mix :) They live in Oregon so I’m not sure when I will get to see little Miss Liliana but I hope it will be soon!

Here is the gift I sent for my new niece:

onesie scallop 1

I’ve seen these onesies around and I thought I would try my hand at them. They took a bit of time but mostly because I wasn’t used to working with something so small!

onesie scallop 2

And the second onesie:

onesie L 2

onesie L 1

I think they turned out cute and they were fun to make. The L onesie was pretty quick but the scalloped one took a bit more time. After making these I would like to try something with ruffles next. Girl things are so much more fun to make than boy things!

Congratulations Josh, Jodi and family! I hope it won’t be too long before I see you all!