This And That

I’m just finishing up a small project that I will post later this week so in the mean time I thought I would share with you some of the finds I have recently acquired.

My parents have been here staying with us since December and because of that my Mom and I have been enjoying one of our favorite things to do together: shopping! We like all forms of shopping whether it be at thrift stores, garage sales, retail, discount, or antiquing. I think the only kind of shopping we don’t like is grocery shopping! Our time spent has paid off because along the way we have found some really great deals together.

Here are a couple of the finds:

book 1
book 2

I found these books at a thrift store and they were free with purchase! I’m not sure exactly what I will use them for yet but they have some fun illustrations. They may appear in some future mini books or as wall art.


Yesterday at another thrift store, we found this super cute child’s chair. I loved it from first sight and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price tag of $2. Seriously! My Mom also found another small chair for $2 but I didn’t take a picture of it.


This will give you a perspective of how small the chair is when next to an adult size chair. I found the large chair also at a thrift store for $3 awhile back. I can’t wait to work my magic with some paint and new fabric! Fun, fun!


I found this stick-on chalkboard at TJ Maxx for $17, a good price in my opinion. Then, as we were shopping around, at a different TJ Maxx, I found the exact same chalkboard on clearance for $3! So, I returned the first one and kept the $3 one :) I have plans for it that I will have to show you later when I’m finished.


And lastly, my favorite find, this white snakeskin mirror. We also found this at TJ Maxx for $5! I had seen it a few months earlier and loved it when it was still $25. Then, when we saw it on clearance, my Mom got it for me. Thanks Mom! I’m still debating about where I will put it but I’m thinking it might go in my bedroom.

So there you have it, my great deals. Have you found any good bargains lately? Now that I have found some awesome things, I need to stop shopping and start working on them!