Don’t Cost A Dime: Light Switch Detail

Here is a quick and easy project for you all that I think is kind of fun! After seeing this post on Design*Sponge last week in which Stephanie used contact paper to create Chevron stripes on her walls, it got me thinking about the benefits of contact paper.

I have been using contact for a bunch of projects but I had yet to put it on the walls. But think about it, what an inexpensive and easy way to add some fun to your walls and you can take it down really quick when you are tired of it! I have already done a couple of things with it and it really is my new favorite resource. Here is the first thing I did:


First, I simply cut out the design (I used my Wishblade but you could easily do it with an exacto knife as well). Next, I removed my light switch plate and stuck the contact paper frame onto the wall. Lastly, I put the light switch place back on. How easy is that?! I think it took about 10 minutes :) Another benefit, it’s repositionable. And even better, when I’m sick of it, I will simply peel it off! No harm, no foul.

Do you have any ideas that you can use contact paper for? I have some more brewing that I want to try and I will definitely post about them when they are completed!

Have a great weekend everyone! Get crafty :)