The Spray Paint Reveal

Have you all been sitting on pins and needles just dying to know what I spray painted? Well, even if you weren’t, please say that you were for my sake :) The item that I spray painted has been on my to-do list for a while now, I just couldn’t decide on a color. And a hint… the object is in this room:

firework curtain 2

And no it’s not the dining room chairs. Although that was a really good guess Kristen, I have been in the process of painting the chairs. Four down, four to go and they will be done :) No, the object that I just recently finished spray painting is this:

chan 2

My dining room chandelier. What do you think? I knew that I needed some color in that room and I have been going back and forth between colors and finally decided to stick with red since I have some red in the adjoining living room.

chan 1

I started spray painting it the week of Christmas. By Christmas day, I had finished spraying the whole thing and I had Jason rehang it for me. It was then that I realized I hated the glass globes that it currently had on it (unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of them but you can kind of see the globes in the before picture up above). Now keep in mind this was all taking place on Christmas day and we were expecting company in one hour. I had been so in love with the newly painted chandelier UNTIL I put the globes on it and then I hated it. So what else could I do? I promptly removed the globes :)

chan 3

The next problem I ran into, was now that I removed the globes, you could see the exposed white sockets that I had left unpainted because I didn’t think they would show. Knowing I didn’t have time to take the chandelier down and paint them before my company arrived (not to mention I don’t think Jason would have been very happy with me either!) I set my brain to work on a new solution. After thinking for a bit, I ran upstairs to my craft room and emerged with my red duct tape. Much to my surprise, it matched perfectly and I wrapped all the sockets in the duct tape with my Mom’s help. It was a Christmas miracle :) And, we finished it before our guests arrived. I even had time to snap a picture of the finished table.

chan 4

You can even see the newly painted chairs next to the unpainted chairs. Maybe someday I will finish them too!

So, although no one guessed the right item, I sure had fun reading the guesses! For those of you asking about the spray painted chair, the post is here. As for it’s wear-ability, it’s definitely not a long term solution as I mentioned in the post but since we don’t use the chair for sitting, I didn’t care. But this may change in the future as I currently have my eye on some fabric for it :) We shall see. Should I venture in the world of reupholstering? It’s something I’ve never done before so I should probably give it a try :)