Gifts: Brush Bag

Today’s post wraps up the handmade gifts that I made for this past Christmas season. By the way, thanks for all the comments about the scarves. I had fun reading them, they made me laugh!

I had a request from my Mother-in-law to make a bag for her that she could use while traveling to hold her brush so it wouldn’t get snag her clothes. I thought about different ways I could make it and I finally decided on this:

brush bag 1

I had never made anything with a round bottom before but it turned out pretty good and it serves it’s purpose well. Since the brush is round, it works much better than a flat bag. I used a quilted material for the inside and bottom and the decorative polka dot for the outside.

brush bag 2

Once I sewed it together, I added a tie which is sewn onto the back and wraps around the front and ties in place.

brush bag 3

What do you think? I think it turned out pretty cute and I like the idea of having a place for my brush in my suitcase. As with most of the projects I make for others, I ended up wanting one for myself :)

Next up I have a recent project that I completed with the help of spray paint. Can you guess what it is? :) If anyone (who doesn’t already know) correctly guesses what item I spray painted, I will send them a treat from the shop. Good luck!