Christmas Recap

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year and I thought I would give a play-by-play of the events of our day. As I mentioned before, this was our first Christmas in Tennessee and although it was different than past Christmases, it was still wonderful!

This was also our first Christmas to start the day off by not opening presents. We didn’t have any presents to open because we are saving them until Brett comes (then we will have another Christmas!). Instead, we all woke up and immediately began our workout. Since my parents have been here we have roped them into doing P90X right along with us and Christmas day was no exception! We’re hard core; no days off for us :)

After we were all showered and dressed we started getting things ready for the company who would come later in the evening. We had invited a few friends and I couldn’t wait for it to all begin. We spent our afternoon picking up the house and cooking while fitting in several conversations on Skype with different family members. Josh and Jodi called and we exchanged a few presents with them while on Skype. Here are a couple of pictures:
kellie skype
Here I am opening my present from Josh (we shipped our gifts to each other this year). Skyping was a fun way of exchanging gifts although it’s not quite the same as being there in person :)
jason skype
Jason enjoying the conversation.

I got the table set and ready…

and then we relaxed until our friends arrived…
dad syd
at least some of us did :)

We also took a few pictures in front of the tree.
j k tree
m d tree

Once everyone got here we had a super dinner and then we had a gift exchange in the style of white elephant (aka Yankee swap). Everyone brought an item from the dollar store. It was fun to see what we all had to offer :) Some items were things you may actually want and some were things that were silly.
kenn bobbi
Kenn and Bobbi find a calculator that looks like an ipod.

vic pens
Vic opens some gel pens.

mom gift
Mom finds herself with a can of spray paint and an attachment for it. It was perfect for her!

A group picture with all of us showing off our treasures!

Next we played a bunch of silly games that had us all laughing quite a bit.
nicole game
Nicole playing the question game.

Clark and Maureen join in the laughter.

And lastly we played a game called Psychiatrist, in which two people (Clark and Vic) left the room while we explained the game to everyone else. Then, when they come back, they have to figure out why we are doing what we are doing. It’s a little bit hard to explain unless you are actually playing along but hopefully you get the idea. Here’s Clark and Vic trying to figure it out:
vic and clark
This is the expression Vic had on his face for most of the game :)

mom francois game
Mom trying to figure out how to phrase an answer.

jason game
And Jason, just enjoying what was going on around him.

So, there you have it, our Christmas! We are so blessed to have so many people in our life that we love. And, we are looking forward to tomorrow when Brett arrives and we have another Christmas together!