Making Merry: Felt Garland

Whew! I almost didn’t make it for today, I’m a bit late posting :) I had a busy day running from one place to another but now I’m back home enjoying the evening with my hubby.

So, are you tired of garlands yet? I’m not! I’m not sure what it is about them but I just can’t seem to get enough this year. But today’s featured garland is the last one I will blog about, at least for this year! So if you are sick of them just hang in there for one more day!

This is another (and last) project I made for our church so the colors are red, white, gray, and brown. After seeing how easy it is to sew through different materials to make garlands, I once again used the same method but this time my material of choice was felt.

felt garland 2

I simply punched out circles and then using a smaller circular punch, I punched out the inside of the circles to make a ring. Then I sewed them all together to create the garland.

felt garland 1

And if you’re not sick of garland yet, check out this post from Apartment Therapy for more DIY ideas!